Process of Creation

Our Solventless Extracts are a pure, all-natural extract of our craft cannabis flowers. We use water, heat, and pressure to create our solventless extracts. That means no chemicals, no cutting agents, no thickening agents, and no other outside ingredients are used in our production process.

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    For those in the market looking for a high end concentrate experience, we have our live hash rosin product. Similar in production to our rosin, the main difference is we start with fresh uncured material harvested right off the plant that we deep freeze immediately. We then take that fresh frozen material and ice wash that into hash and press that into our live hash rosin. For those that have not tried this product, we highly recommend it. A product for the true connoisseur.

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    We pride ourselves at Grow Sciences on our ability to produce quality solvent less extracts for Arizona dispensaries and our patients. We start by ice washing the same cured flower we use in our jars for hash. After the hash has gone through the freeze drying process it is then micro planed and pressed into rosin. The end result is a completely solvent free concentrate that has an amazing flavor, aroma and intoxicating effect associated with it.

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  • Hash

    Our Full Melt Hash is made from fresh frozen premium flower, washed in ice and water and then freeze dried in pharmaceutical grade freezers. This all natural product is one of our more rare productions – keep your eyes peeled to our drops page..

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  • Live Hash Rosin

  • Tier One
  • Tier One Fully trimmed fresh frozen flower, extracted
    immediately. Highest quality on all levels.


    Includes our Diamonds/Sauce, Jam, and all other
    Live Hash Rosin.

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  • Hash

  • Tier OneTier Two
  • Tier One90u or 120u, full melt, 6 star hash.


    Tier OneFull spectrum 40u-180u.

  • Tier One
  • Hash Rosin
  • Hash Tier


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