Cannabis Flower

Grow Sciences Top Shelf Premium Cannabis Flower

Elite strains grown indoors to full term, hung dry, hand-trimmed and minimally handled.

Packaged for absolute freshness, we use a glass jar for our 8ths, and mylar bags half ounces and ounces. We recommend transferring to your own personal jar of choice and keeping it in a dark, cool place for the longest preservation.



Our glass 8th jars showcase the finest nugs from the garden, hand-picked, hand-trimmed, and sealed for freshness by our team to ensure the end prod­uct meets our quality standards.
Also, we weigh these to 3.7g to compensate for stem weight and/or moisture loss.

Half Ounce

Big Nugs. All Tops.

How great does it feel to open a bag of weed filled with beautiful nugs? Our Half Ounce showcases the finest nugs from our garden, hand-picked from the upper colas of the plant and packaged in this bag for your delight. Made 100% in-house. Our Flower. Our Team.

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