Who We Are



“Would you buy that 8th?”

This represents the complete care everyone on our team instills, from the beginning of cultivation of every plant, to the fulfillment of finished products to the dispensary. It ensures the final product satisfies our own personal requirements, so that we know it will satisfy the consumer’s requirements. Applies to all flower, pre-rolls and concentrates.


Founded May 2017, came to market Apr 2018. Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, Grow Sciences is focused on cultivating elite genetics in a craft cannabis format to produce flower and extraction products that delight the consumer. ~45 full time employees across cultivation, post production (trimming/packaging), fulfillment, compliance, finance and management.

  • Mike C.

    CEO & Co-Founder

    Mike began his career in cannabis on the East Coast, launching a successful commercial dispensary business in Washington D.C. After relocating to Arizona, Mike, along with the other founders, saw an opportunity to cultivate high-quality cannabis in a rapidly emerging market.

  • Matthew B.

    COO & Co-Founder

    Matthew began his career in cannabis in 1997. Over his 20 some years in cannabis, Matthew has been recognized as both an elite cultivator and leader on the West Coast scene. Grow Sciences is the culmination of a lifetime passion for Matt and continues his mission to curate elite genetics and cultivate at the highest levels.

  • John A.

    CFO & Co-Founder

    John joined the Grow Sciences team after a 20-year career in the financial world, focusing primarily in funding capital projects. John brings his business acumen and leadership skills to Grow Sciences,
    where he touches all aspects of strategic financial planning and forward-thinking initiatives for continued growth.