Live Hash Rosin

Grow Sciences Live Hash Rosin Cartridge

Our Live Hash Rosin Cart is an extension of our solventless extract line.

It is a pure, all-natural extract of our craft cannabis flowers with all of the same benefits of live hash rosin, now in the convenience of a 0.6g cartridge.

We use our freshest, fullest nugs. Harvested by hand with no trim and no larf.

Those premium nugs are frozen immediately after harvest. Once frozen, they are washed in ice water to naturally separate the trichomes from the plant matter to isolate al I terpenes and cannabinoids.

The extracted cannabinoids are placed in a pharmaceuti­cal grade freeze dryer to remove moisture.

Now resembling "bubble hash;' the product is squished with heat & pressure to create an oily substance that re­sembles honey. This all-natural Live Hash Rosin is placed into our cartridge.

600mg Cartridge

live hash rosin cartridge top


Stoppers are used to protect the cartridge and keep out lint during transportation and storage.

live hash rosin cartridge by grow sciences

Color & Bubble Size May Vary​

Rosin color can range from light yellow gold to shades of deep amber depending on the strain, terpenes, and cannabinoid content. Notice the bubble? The bubbles play an important part in how the cartridge functions. The coil inside of the cartridge will absorb the oil in a process known as capillary action, which is the movement of liquid within a void. This action helps carry oil through the wick to the heating element.


We put the word ROSIN here so your friends know it’s not just another distillate cartridge.


Our battery runs at 3.7 Volts and is made by CCell. While you can try other batteries, CCell performs the best. You can even try out a lower voltage (2.2V-3V) if you have one available. Do not run a higher than 3.7V battery with our LHR Cartridges.

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