The Rosin Pen

All Natural


The Grow Sciences Live Hash Rosin cartridge is made from fresh frozen flower, extracted without the use of solvents.

Live resin cartridges are made from fresh frozen flower that is extracted using solvents such as butane,
propane, etc. In many cases, distillate is actually added back into the live resin cartridge
to assist with proper burning when taking a pull from the cartridge.

We use natural extraction methods: ice water (i.e. “washing”) to create hash, apply pressure and heat to the hash, which produces a solvent-free final product called Live Hash Rosin.

With that understanding of our starting product, and materials used to produce each cartridge product, we
strongly see a major difference in the quality and the material used in these cartridges vs the current distillage market,
which we argue represents the finest cartridge-focused extract of cannabis in its natural form.

Why Solventless?

Our Live Hash Rosin cartridges are a pure, all natural extract of our craft
cannabis flowers. No chemicals, no cutting agents, no thickening agents, and no other outside
ingredients are used in our production process. Instead, we use water, heat and pressure to create the
extract inside your cartridge.

Let ’s Talk Color.

The color of our full spectrum rosin cartridges will, and should vary. Each
strain will present itself in a slightly different color, because each flower has its own unique characteristics.

Pure. All natural. Welcome to quality.